Borussia Dortmund + text posts part 2

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He could go to any team and possibly win trophies, but he chooses to go back to Brondby (the team he started his career with) and that’s Daniel Agger summed up for you. The man who rejected City, Barcelona, Milan when Liverpool didn’t have Champions League. His loyalty knows no bounds.

His skill might be replaced, but his legacy will forever hold its own. A true legend. And above that a great, great man. Though it hurts me to no end to see this happen, I do wish him all the luck in the world because he deserves that and then some more. And I hope and pray that he can be happy there.

Thank you for sticking with us during the bad times, thank you for being our defensive rock, thank you for teaching others what loyalty is all about, thank you for being our vice-captain and captain, thank you for choosing Liverpool.

Thank you for being our Dagger.

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*breathes heavily, grinding more against you* no its not baby, forget about it, I can’t wait … oh fuck..any longer

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Please do big boy *starts grinding on your slightly and running my hand underneath your top, laying a kiss on your neck* 

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Steven Gerrard’s retirement is going to hit this fandom like a brick wall…


Borussia Dortmund + text posts  part 1

The fully charged Marco is back!!!!! We are so proud of you!

FC Augsburg v Borussia Dortmund 2-3 .

Marco accidentally dropped the bottle to the ground during the interview. Look at his award smile. XDDD

The way Marco stared at the reporter in the 1st gif, I just can’t…

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